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CutterBenchmarking: Risk Management

October 7, 2015

CutterBenchmarking's Risk Management survey is now open for participation. By completing this study you will gain an understanding of what your firm is doing to effectively manage risk. The study will focus on the organization, various risk components, data, and technology required to ensure your risk management strategies are effective and appropriate. It is not our intent to explore specific risk models, metrics, or systems. Instead, we explore how well your models and metrics serve your firm, and how your policies, procedures, structures, and governance support your risk management efforts. The resulting report will tell you everything you need to know about your firm's risk management capabilities and overall effectiveness and will provide insights to help transform your risk management strategies.

The survey will cover:


  • Organization - Your firm's organizational structure in support of risk management, including culture, structure, and governance
  • Market Risk - How your firm supports the management of market risk and the impact of economic events
  • Credit Risk - How your firm manages the risk of default
  • Counterparty Risk - How your firm manages the risk of failed trades
  • Risk Data Management - How risk data is gathered, maintained, and made available
  • Technology - The systems in place to control risk and how workflows, data access and storage are managed


To participate in the survey or for further details, please contact us.

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