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CutterBenchmarking: Operations Metrics

June 9, 2016

CutterBenchmarking Operations Metrics survey is now open.
Investment managers need metrics-based analysis to gain valuable, usable insight into the performance of front, middle, and back office operations. To get the most from the analyses, you need technology capable of capturing the metrics you're interested in. You need clear policies and procedures ensuring that metrics are defined and updated in ways that couple them directly to strategic initiatives and corporate objectives. And you need to set up your metrics analysis to directly drive actions that ultimately improve operational processes.
The survey will cover:

Organization - Your firm's culture around Operations metrics, who is responsible for defining and tracking metrics
Process - How Operations metric data is stored, reported on, and used for decision-making
Operations Domains - The specific Operations domains for which you track metrics

To participate in the survey or for further details, please contact us.

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