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CutterBenchmarking: Data Management

December 24, 2015

As the volume of data used in asset management has grown exponentially, so has the need to effectively manage, store, and distribute it. This CutterBenchmarking survey will reveal how your data management practices measure up against our Capability Model and other participating firms.

The survey will cover:

  • Organization - Your firm's view of data, how you are organized to manage data, and any enterprise data management program you may have in place.
  • Data Governance Framework - Data management roles and responsibilities, as well as the level of adoption and enforcement of your data governance.
  • Data Governance Policies - Documentation, internal service level agreements, issue tracking and resolution processes, change management, data vendor management, and metadata management.
  • Technology - How your firm's technology architecture supports data distribution, data access, and data integration across systems, and your firm's approaches to data warehousing and data management applications.
  • Data Domains - Security Master, Party, Product Structure and Account, Trade, Accounting, and Performance & Analytics.

By comparing the results to similar surveys we conducted in 2011 and 2013, we will be able to analyze trends over time, as data management has become a high priority for investment management firms. We have enhanced this survey to reflect current industry best practices and available system functionality.

To participate in the survey or for further details, please contact us.

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