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Cutter Associates serves the operational and technology needs of the global asset management industry, providing our clients the tools and services they need to be successful.

By leveraging multi-faceted expertise and an unrivaled knowledgebase, we have established ourselves as a well-respected and trusted provider of truly independent research, a global consultancy for delivery of operational excellence, and a provider of revealing and actionable capability metrics.

Cutter Associates has helped some of the largest investment management firms around the world to realize business value from every process. Wide-ranging resources enable our clients to recognize strategic opportunities, keep pace with their competition, and stay ahead of the technology curve. They appreciate our deep understanding of the industry and our commitment to surpass their expectations in delivering measurable and sustainable process transformation. Wherever they are located and whatever their challenge, our clients look to us to have a lasting impact on their infrastructure.

Our Expertise

Our core competency is serving the needs of buy-side asset managers. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to understand and think like our clients. With the depth of insight our research and benchmarking teams provide alongside our consulting experience, our focus is to deliver the information and results that allow our clients to be successful. Our know-how covers all aspects of the business from front to back office.

Our Approach

Each of our practices uses a holistic approach that incorporates people, processes, strategy, and technology to deliver knowledge, understanding, and solutions to our clients, ensuring they have the tools needed to meet specific business needs and respond to market demands.

Our Clients

Our clients are the world’s leading asset managers, insurance companies, pension plans, and sovereign wealth funds.

Our Parent

In 2016, Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Japan’s premier IT solutions and consulting company, acquired Cutter Associates, LLC. NRI and Cutter’s combination expands Cutter’s unrivaled buy-side research, benchmarking and consulting globally, and offers NRI’s buy-side services to Cutter’s clientele.